?Are you searching for Happiness and success

Peace be upon all those who follow the guidance

Are you searching for Happiness and success ? Safety and security within your self ?
Do you want to know why we were created ? and what is our purpose in life ?
Do you know that this life is a test ?? and that our deeds in this life will ultimately determine our levels of reward in the Hereafter ?

This is a message of love to all the seekers of Truth.

This magnificent universe with all of its complex systems was created by Allah, the one true god, the Most High, the Most Powerful, the Most Merciful, the Most wise. If you believe in Him, you should also realize that He didn’t create all of this frivolously. Rather, ther had to to be a greater purpose. what could be a better and more perfect purpose than to worship Him alone?
Look around you. Everything has submitted to the Creator and never reverted : the earth itself, the trees, the stars, the rivers, the sun, the moon … etc.But what about human beings ? Is it not true that some are not thankful to their Creator ? Is it not a shame that some of them worship false gods other than Allah, the only one true God ?
Are you confused about which religion is the truth ? Consider what we are about to tell you in this message.
Islam is a way of life that means submission to the will of the Creator of the heavens and the earth. He sent messengers to call the people to worship God alone. Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jacob, Jesus and Muhammad (May Peace Be Upon Them) were sent with this one message : there is no one worthy of worship except Allah, the only one true God.
No ambiguity, no confusion.
One God, one religion, one message.
We invite you to accept the truth, to worship the Lord of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (May Peace Be Upon Them). Turn to God alone in your prayers, supplications, fear, hope and love, and for everything you need.

Believe that all the Messengers of God were sent with the same message : “No one is worthy of worship except Allah” What was the religion of Abraham ? Should it not be as that Moses, Jesus and all the Messengers of God ?
Moreover, neither did any Prophet or Messenger commit sins, nor did he violate the sacredness of Allah.

We are humbly calling you to bring yourself from the dreadful consequences of Polytheism to the beauty of Monotheism. Be at peace with your self, enter Paradise after this life, and save yourself from the Hellfire by worshipping God alone and by believing in the final Messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). He was sent with a comprehensive message saved to this day, with every single detail that is needed to lead a perfect life in this world and in the Hereafter. Read about it with an open heart, and do not leave yourself in a state of forgetfulness. Rather, try to find meaning to your life and answers to all of your questions. It’s right there for you, so go ahead and find out for yourself, remembering that there is no compulsion in religion.

* To make a long story short, kindly allow us to give you a few highlights, and then you can contact us if you need or are interested to know more.
*Islam is a clear religion that makes sense. Muslims make use of the direct access to God that has been granted to all humans; there are no intermediaries. It is our deeds that bring us closer to Allah and take us to Paradise. NO One controls God’s forgiveness.
*Our book, the Holy Qur’an, remains word for word intact, in its original Arabic, since it was revealed fourteen centuries ago. It is a miracle that God presented to all intelligent creatures as a challenge. To this day, the challenge remains without response; the like of a single Quranic chapter has not been produced. It is also perfectly suitable for all places and times, and does not clash with science or reality. Indeed, it contains many scientific facts unknown at its revelation 1400 years ago, all of which have been proven correct.
*Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him and all of the Prophets) was sent to all mankind. The previous scriptures gave good tidings of his coming. His biography and sayings are recorded and authentic beyond any shadow of a doubt.
*Islam teaches us to do good deeds, and be just and merciful. It calls for dutifulness to parents, relatives, neighbors and all human beings. it gurantees happiness in this life and the Hereafter for the righteous.
*Islam prohibits racism; all human beings are ultimately equal; preference, if any, is by piety.
*Islam prohibits all evil deeds: murder, adultery, theft, intoxicanation, lying, witchcraft and terrorism.

Finally, Submit yourself to God, and embrace the beautiful religion of Islam. Say ” There is no one worthy of worship except Allah, and Muhammed is His final Messenger ” in order not to lose your everlasting salvation in this life and in the Hereafter

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