Prophet Mohammed in fair western eyes

Prophet Mohammed in fair western eyes

Prophet Mohammed in fair western eyes

Goethe (the Germen’s poet) says: “we the citizens of Europe with our believes and principles, couldn’t reach what Mohammed has reached , and no one will proceed him (2)…,I’v searched through history to find a top example for human , and I concluded that he is Mohammed ..therefore the truth must be revealed and raised , as Mohammed has succeeded, the one who bowed the whole world by the word of monotheism..(3)

LeoTolsy the Russian writer who was forbidden by the church for his emprise and free ideas , says:” I am one of those who blinded by the prophet Mohammed ,who was chosen By the only God to fulfill his massage ,and to be the last prophet…and it is proudly enough that he has guided a whole nation to the light of truth , and made it live peacefully , and has opened to it the path of prosper and civilization .”

Lamartine the French poet says:” The remarkable incident in my whole life, is that I have studied the life of prophet Mohammed , and I realized its greatness and eternity , who dare to compare any man from history with prophet Mohammed ?!who is greater than him ,looking to all criterion measuring man’s greatness?!! His behavior in the time of glory, his ambitions to spread the massage, his long lasting prayers, and his celestial interlocution all are evidence to a perfect faith that helped him to establish the basics of his massage . the messenger , the project ,the conqueror ,the corrector of the believes the one who established worshipping which not depend on images ,is Mohammed .He has destroyed all believes that adopting mediator between the creator and his creation.(4)

Bernard Shaw the philosopher says:” I’v studied Mohammed as an amazing man, and I’ve found him a way from antagonizing Jesus ,he must be called the Savior of Humanity. Nowadays Europe starts to understand the faith of monotheism , and may be more than that , it confesses the ability of that faith to solve its problems by a way leading to peace and happiness, So through that essence you should understand my prediction”(5)
“if we judge the greatness by measuring the influence of that great on the people, so we should say that Mohammed is the greatest great in history ,he stopped racism and myths ,and established over Christianity and Judaism and his country’s religion, a very clear and a strong religion , that succeeded to be until these days a power with great danger” (6)
“History has no man, except Mohammed, who is ,a massage carrier, a nation establisher , a founder of a country…all these three things done by Mohammed , was a united unity , and religion was the power that maintain its unity over history” (7)

Voltaire the French philosopher says: “Prophet Mohammed played a great role ,that no man can do on earth ….He brought a book and fight, that is the least thing we can say a bout Mohammed, Islam never changed, but you and your priests have changed your religion twenty times “(8)

The Swiss theology scholar Dr.Hanz Kong who believes that Jesus is just a man and a prophet who was chosen by God ,says:” Mohammed is a real prophet with all meanings , we can not deny that Mohammed is the guide leader to the path of survival”(10)
What is remarkable in Mohammed is that his life details ,biography and his virtues are all recorded in history .So there is no mysteries in any part of his life. This was confessed by the most famous western historians.

the British Arnold Twenby says: “Those who want to study the scented Prophetic Biography find many information that they can not find such details about the life of any other prophets”(11)

ConteKatiany in his book {History of Islam} says: “Is not Prophet Mohammed worthy to present his life to the whole world ,therefore the vengeful of him and his massage can not deny that he was brought to spread peace and love all over the world?! the history of Jesus doesn’t present fulfilling life details”

The famous Oriental Justaph Lubuned says: “we know well enough about Mohammed’s life, but the life of Jesus is nearly unknown, and you will not find details about his life in the bibles “(12)

R.F Bodly insist on that meaning and says:” We don’t know except few details about Jesus’ life , but about Mohammed’s life we know many details, and we find his history instead of mysteries and shades”(13)

The oriental Hill says in his book {Arab civilization}:”Mohammed had produced a Nation to the world, and enabled God’s worshipping on the earth , and established the basis of justice and social equality ,and applied systems ,arrangements ,obedience ,and glory in a society knows nothing but muss and disorder”

Jack Leak,The Spanish oriental in his book {The Arab}says: ‘The life of Mohammed cannot be perfectly described as it is described by God saying:” And We have sent you Muhammad(PBUH) not but as a mercy for the (mankind, jinn and all that exists).” Mohammed was a real mercy , and I pray for him passionately and interestingly .(14)

Christopher Darksome the Historian, says in his book{Rules of Movement in world’s History } :”The World have changed a sudden Change by one person’s action who appeared in history , that was Mohammed”

Cheiril the scholar , the dean of the law college in Vienna says: “Humanity is proud that a man like Mohammed belongs to it”(15)

The French researcher Kleman Hwart :”
Mohammed wasn’t an ordinary prophet ,but he perfectly deserve to be the last prophet ,because he has faced all the difficulties that faced previous Prophets, even doubled from his own people ,…and an extraordinary prophet to swear “If Fatima the daughter of Mohammed steal I would cut her hand”! If the Muslims consider their messenger as their top example for spreading knowledge and awareness , the whole world would be Muslim”

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